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Faucet Repair

Faucet Repair Service By GoldenAge Plumbing Sugar Land TX

Faucet Repair

A dripping faucet is not only an irritation; it is wasting money. The dripping faucet indicates there is a problem .  There are a number of different designs.  If you have a bath, wash basin or sink, there will probably be a central faucet. This could be a compression faucet. If this is dripping, then the internal rubber ring and rubber “seating” could be worn and is the problem.  This is easily replaced, and the faucet after that should be fine. With a ball faucet, it could be wear. This time the seating for valves, cams and springs will need replacing. In a cartridge type faucet, faucet repair would involve removing and replacing internal “O-rings”. With the ceramic faucet, then the “neoprene” seals could be worn.  These too will need replacing.

Our skilled and experienced plumbers at Plumbing Sugar Land, will know exactly what kind of faucet they are dealing with.  They will have the necessary parts and spares for each type, make and model of faucet, and will quickly get the faucet repaired. We operate a 24/7 service and aim to reach you within 30 minutes, if possible.  Further to this, we offer two post inspections. We send an expert around to check that the job has been done properly and the leaking faucet problem has been addressed. We send a further plumber around on a later date to further check that the initial problem has not reoccurred.

Outdoor Faucet Repair

For faucets both inside and outside your home, if there is too little water coming through, then there must be a leak.  Once you have eliminated this as not a water supply problem to your home from the water utility company, then there is a problem in your system. If you have a leaking pipe somewhere, you need to know where it is.  You may have a map showing the piping systems around your home.  This will apply equally to any commercial concern or public building like a school or hospital. It is an important document that should not be hidden away. If you do not have the “building house map”, then get in contact the architects who originally designed your building. Failing that, please contact us in Sugar Land TX. We will be more than happy to map out the position of the pipes in your home.

If the other faucets are fine, and there is one producing little water, we can backtrack and find out where the leak is in the piping. The piping can be either repaired or replaced. Outdoor faucet repair is a little bit more difficult but not impossible.  This will probably be down to water leaks.  This could be down to a whole number of problems. The pipes could be corroded.  The seals are broken. The pipe is cracked, possibly due to earth movements.  The water pipe connectors are loose.  We can repair the pipes and complete a faucet repair.

Faucet Repair
Faucet Repair Service
Faucet Repair Service Sugar Land

Drain repair and cleaning

A leaking pipe can cause a lot of damage.  This is the case outside your house. However, this could be critical if the pipes are inside the walls of your home, or equally your office.  Whatever the type of material the building is made of, the building could become structurally unsound. Walls might start to fall, etc.  Therefore, timbers can rot, bricks and concrete can corrode and steel can rust. This is especially the case if the weather becomes cold and ice is formed. If you notice a damp spot starting to develop on your wall, and this is combined with a fall off in water pressure to a faucet, then call us. Our experienced plumbers at GoldenAge Plumbing, will be more than willing to help you.

An external leaking pipe can also start to make real problems in a garden.  You may start to wonder why a damp patch has suddenly appeared in your well – maintained front lawn. Faucets and water supply piping are not the only plumbing areas we concentrate on in Sugar Land TX.  Drain repair and cleaning are also critical areas of plumbing that sometimes need to be addressed. You may start to notice that the water from your wash basin, bath, shower or kitchen sink are just not draining properly.  Worse still would be the toilets.  This would strongly indicate that there is a drain blockage somewhere. This could be down the age of the drainage pipes.  This will reduce water flow.

Outdoor Faucet Repair and Other Services

Fat, grease, and other waste products build up steadily over the years, steadily constricting the drainage pipes.  Added to this, much of Texas is in a hard water area.   This is because many of the rocks are from the Cretaceous period.  This may have given Texas oil but it also has a lot of limestone. This is calcium, plus other elements. This will steadily “fur” up both water supply and water drainage pipes. It will definitely constrict water supply and drainage.  Another problem will be with water heaters.  The elements inside the water heater will start to fur up. It starts to become expensive to heat up the water in your home.

If there gets to be too many problems, it might be a good idea to re-pipe parts, if not all of your home.  You might start constantly calling the plumber for help.  If you have any concerns, please contact us in Sugar Land TX. With sewage, we provide a sewer line cleaning service.  The sewer line is the main waste pipe which connects your home or business to the City’s Sewage system.  We use fiber optic cable and an attached camera.  This helps us identify accurately where the blockage might be. A common problem are tree roots which break into the main sewage pipe.  We have a special cutting tool which can cut back the roots of these intruding trees. We can install a “tank-less” water heating system heating .up the water, if you actually need one.