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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use Leftover Waste Water to Flush My Toilet?

Because many parts of the country are either facing or experiencing drought year ahead, tips on water conservation abound. Overall, many water saving efforts are focusing on using less. However, there are lots of ways to collect water, which may otherwise run down the drain, such as putting a basin in the sink or a bucket in the shower. Nevertheless, what would you do with all that leftover water? Most particularly if you do not have a lawn or plants to water?

Using it to flush your toilet can both save all that leftover water from being sacrificed needlessly and reduce consumption. The best part is that it is fairly easy to do. You will need a minimum of one gallon in order move the waste from the bowl effectively, possibly more if there is solid waste. Start slowly and pour the leftover water into the bowl. You do not have to get the tank lid removed or flush on the handle. The extra water and gravity is going to do all the work, and you will be satisfied to know that you are saving literally gallons of clean water each day.

Why does my drain get clogged?

Mostly, drains are clogged because people are not being careful about what they are putting in them, especially in the kitchen. Some other drains, such as in the bathroom, get clogged due to the oil residue from shampoos, soaps, and hair. Therefore, it is highly suggested to be conscious of what you are putting down your drains, and treat them with a drain cleaner on a regular basis.

Is it a big deal for my toilet to be running?

It is not just an annoyance, but also a waste of money and water. Leaky toilets are costing approximately hundred dollars each year on your water bills. If your toilet continues to run into the bowl after flushing, it indicates that several parts of the mechanism are out of order. At times, a little jiggling of the flush valve mechanism can solve the problem. Otherwise, you may have to get the entire mechanism replaced. Contact us to diagnose the problem.

How Can I remove jam on my garbage disposal?

You can insert an Allen wrench into the bottom of the disposer, and then crank it to help in freeing up a jam. If it does not work, do not use it, as you may cause serious damage to the disposal motor, or even on your home electrical system. We will usually be able to repair a garbage disposal, which is jammed up. If we are not able to, the unit will probably have to undergo replacement. Our professional technicians can give you the best advice and make quick work to get you grinding again.

Is there a different between soft and hard water?

There is. As a matter of fact, the difference can be damaging to your body and your home. Perhaps you experienced skin problems, damaged clothing from the laundry, pipe scaling, fixture and faucet deterioration, excessive soap consumption, or undesirable odors or tastes from your water. If you do, yo have a water problem. We can install a soft water system in your home, which will not just provide you with soft water for bathing and cleaning, but it will solve your cooking and drinking water issues as well. You will taste and feel the difference.

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