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Everyone is dreading the trade, and ripping them off. Plumbers have most likely the worst reputation. I dreaded and call yet another plumber to get our blocked sink in our kitchen repaired. I was surprised at my experience with GoldenAge Plumbing. First of all, the initial contact has been amazingly professional and friendly. I have been advised of likely charges and there have been no issues when I requested the appointment the following day. Again, I was shocked to my expectations because every plumbers are commenting how busy they are and cannot get in to see me for a minimum of one week. Secondly, the plumber arrived on time. Admittedly, it was probably the first appointment of the plumber for the day, but he guarantee of promptness or the call out fee must be in place for a reason. The plumber has a friendly and professional manner wherein the he conducted himself. He never said nonsense like “you need this and that”. He was straight to the point and used basic plumbing techniques. It was a refreshing change. Furthermore, he did not waste any time. He was there to do a job and just did it. I am so impressed with GoldenAge Plumbing that they have won me for lie. Thank you for restoring my faith in plumbers; highly recommended.

Robert Jeter

With the loss of cold water to our wash basin and shower, the mystery has been solved and the supply was restored, all thanks to the rapid response of GoldenAge Plumbing. What turned out as a little job at a reassuring cost, I am very happy to find a professional and reliable plumber. I have no hesitation to suggest GoldenAge Plumbing to others.

Erica Cha

The consultants and service co-coordinators of GoldenAge Plumbing took a great deal of time to offer me advice and get my works underway without any delay. There has been no sales pressure. My wife and I both over the moon with our product of choice and installation process. Also, the customer service was friendly, bright, and helpful. These electricians have been subcontracted to perform the electrical aspects. They were similarly safe, efficient, consulted, and polite to make sure that I am satisfied with their service. Their work was also high standard. Our expectations were exceeded regarding to each aspect of our plumbing project, and we can’t speak highly enough of everybody involved. We are genuinely grateful to you guys.

Dawn Thomas

We have called GoldenAge Plumbing on two separate occasions. The first was our flooded basement. The plumber that visited us gave us a competitive quote and installed a sump pump that works great. It has been great to find an honest and reliable plumber, who would not take advantage of your dire situation. They are also the ones who installed our hot water tank, and they did it fast and with respect for our property, leaving us without any mess behind. In both cases, we received professional plumbing installation, and most essentially, both projects remained within the estimate, and within our budget. If you are looking for an expert plumber that you can trust, and affordable, I highly recommend GoldenAge Plumbing.

Thomas Davis

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